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Why Choose Us?

Located in the heart of rural Whatcom County, Holly's Meat Pies (Formerly Good-to-Go Meat Pies) works with many local farmers who grow the organic vegetables that make our pasties taste so great. Since our opening in 2012 we have shifted our meat purchases to Farms and Co-ops who focus on natural, humanely raised animals without the use of antibiotics. We proudly list all these farms on our menu. Our commitment to sourcing locally and making delicious food using only the best ingredients has helped us create a loyal following. We look forward to sharing our pasties, the perfect meal wrapped up in our famous buttery crust!

Love this place. I especially like the spicier pasties but everything has been delicious. Picking up takeout during the Covid19 time has been smooth and easy. I usually bring an insulated bag and buy several for the freezer.

Linda A

About Us

Holly Bevan-Bumford


Holly's Meat Pies is all about feeding the best quality food to hungry people on the go. We are proud to support the local farmers and producers whose labors make our product what it is. That support comes back to us daily in our loyal customers who value high quality food. Our fruits and veggies come from local farms such as Broad Leaf Farm, Terra Verde Farm, Hopewell Farm, and Cloud Mountain Farm Center during the growing seasons. During winter months, Holly's Meat Pies purchases produce from locally-owned grocers such as the Community Food Co-op. We also work hard to source meat from local farms that has been humanely raised without any antibiotics. Items like flour, beef, cheese, pork, lamb, and chicken are sourced year-round from producers like Fairhaven Organic Flour Mills, Meadow Fed Farms, and Appel Farm.

Heating Instructions

For best results re-heat in Oven. Remove from package:

Heat in 375°F oven for 28 – 30 min if frozen, 18 – 20 min if thawed.

Microwave – Low Power for 3 – 4 min if frozen, 1 – 2 min if thawed.

Holly's Meat Pies stay fresh in the freezer for 4 – 5 months.


Order online and contactless pick-up. Free Parking on the first floor of the Parkade in the 15 minute parking spaces.


1306 Commercial Street, Bellingham WA 98225

Winter Hours


11 am to 6 pm